Homemade Dog Foods – A New Trend

There is much information of the different types of dog foods. The public can choose prepared products or the new trend is to make homemade dog foods in your personal kitchen.

Pet owners are very concerned about their pets’ nutritional needs. There are many mixed opinions or arguments about commercial, natural, and homemade varieties.

Are you puzzled as to what healthy types of foods your pet should be eating?

The argument has come about because of the hazards found in commercial products which have sickened or killed our pets.

What are the differences in commercial, natural and homemade foods?

  • Commercial products are prepared in factories. It is your responsibility to read labels and understand their definitions
  • Natural – Knowledge of foods which may be prepared raw or cooked
  • Home cooked – appropriate foods cooked under the direct control of the owner

My parents, who raised Greyhounds for the sport of dog racing, fed these dogs fresh cooked meats. They never fed them commercial feed. These dogs did not suffer from lack of good nutrition including their supplements of vitamins and minerals.

Until commercial food was presented to the public, people always fed their pets table scraps after a large family meal. Nowadays, families have turned to the convenience of purchasing prepared foods.

From my point of observation, it seems that family members are fewer in number and eating in restaurants more often. Therefore, less table scraps are available for our pets. Commercial prepared products are now a necessity as well as a convenience.

The public has been notified of many food recalls because of poisons, contaminants or other hazards found in cat and dog foods threatening illnesses, diseases or death. Hundreds of these products are being recalled and removed frequently from store shelves.

The best dog food is homemade because the owner controls:

  • Meat quality
  • Vegetables which pets can eat without difficulties
  • Proper grains
  • Calorie intake
  • Proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals
  • Cat and dog food recipes are available
  • Meet special nutritional needs

Our pets are experiencing the same problems as we are because of not eating the nutrients which bodies need.

Unhealthy problems include:

  • Overweight or obesity
  • Illnesses e.g. diabetes
  • High fat – heart conditions and stroke
  • Poor nutrients – weak energy and feeling tired
  • Allergies
  • And much more

Most commercial dog foods are good as they have the right amount of vitamins and minerals. The manufacturers do provide a healthy balance of meat and veggies. Read labels carefully and keep updated as your pet experiences growth and health changes.

You will truly want to avoid chocolates, hot peppers, grapes, raisins, small bones from chicken and fish. Do not give your pet salty snacks, spicy condiments, or seasonings. In tiny amounts your dog may vomit, as my dog does. If you pet should eat too much you will need to see your vet for more serious conditions or death.

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