Foreclosures and Animal Abandonement

When buying a home you always want to get “more than you bargained for” right? This year I purchased a home and got just that. The home we purchased came with a free cat!!

Missy, or Pissy Missy as she is affectionately known, is about 13 years old according to Vet, she has a spicy personality and hisses at us constantly. She backs down to no man or dog, she meows loudly when she needs to be fed and basically she thinks she rules the world. She was abandoned by the former owners of the home we purchased. The house was in need of repairs so each time (After closing) I went to the house I was greeted by a beautiful long haired calico cat who acted as if she owned the place. It was apparent she felt she belonged there.

After inquiring with the former owners I was told “The neighbor is taking her”. So… of course I introduced myself to each neighbor who informed me that the cat was very mean and they were NOT taking her, one kind neighbor offered to “get rid of her” for me. “No Thank you”.

So… each day while the home was being rehabbed, I came to the house to feed Missy not knowing what to do with her. I knew if I took her to the animal shelter she would be euthanized as with her spicy personality she would not be adoptable. Problem was… I was growing attached to this little schizophrenic cat with a bad attitude. She could be quite lovable and she was ALWAYs there waiting for me.

Being in the real estate business and having sold many repo homes, animal abandonment is nothing new to me. We have been left with horses, cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and most recently a gold fish. There are many laws realtors must follow when they are managing a home that has an abandoned pet. Contrary to popular belief, abandoned pets do not only come from repos, but often times are coming from standard sales where homeowners decide their pet will not be making the move with them. Seemingly nice normal people are leaving their pets behind.

If you are selling a home and you can not take your pet, I can only appeal to your conscience and say “Don’t leave that little animal behind to starve”. At the very least, take the pet to the shelter or call animal control to pick it up. There many no kill organizations you can contact as well. If you are buying a home, you may want to pay attention, if you see animals (cats more common) hanging out near the home each time you visit as they may be abandoned and waiting for their owner to come home. If the home is vacant or semi vacant and the animal is still there, question your real estate agent on the matter. Don’t close until the animal has been removed or at least a commitment made that it will be taken and handled properly. If you are an animal lover like me you will insist that the animal is treated properly.