6 Ways of Keeping Your Canine Out of the Garbage: Pet-Approved Methods

Not everyone can afford a professional trainer, and with the proper know-how one isn’t even necessary. If your dog has recently discovered that the trash can be a source of delicious snacks, you might be wondering how to keep him/her from rummaging around in there like it’s at flea market.

Keeping your pet out of the garbage is not only beneficial to you but to your dog as well. Dogs can potentially get sick from eating whatever they find in there – be it chocolate, some molded food item, etc. Dogs will chow down on chicken bones but they might also get lodged in its throat, not to mention the non-food items that could become trapped making for expensive trips to the veterinarian. So it’s very important your dog stays away from the trash.

1. Make sure your pets dish is full. While most pet owners agree that this won’t make much of an impact, as dogs will still root around in the trash with even a full dish nearby, it does leave your dog no excuse for getting in there. And after you have successfully prevented your pooch from trash-digging, they will still have something to eat.

2. Try moving the trash can to a location that your dog doesn’t have access to but where it won’t be out-of-the-way for you – a pantry, for example.

3. There are all sorts of products designed specifically for this problematic widespread problem. You might try buying a pet proof lid. There are all sorts of pet-proofed trash cans out there from ones with locking lids, to receptacles with motion sensors!

4. You might consider purchasing a special spray that serves as a deterrent to your pet from rooting around in your garbage. However, it might do just as well to put something spicy on the top of your can, or to spray it (the can) with a mixture of cayenne pepper and water.

5. There are “mats” that sit under your trash can that give your dog a shock when he steps on it to get into the trash. These, however, just like trash cans with motion sensors, can be expensive, and in a lot of cases are not practical.

6. You could “gate” up the area around your trash instead, preventing access for medium to smaller sized dogs.

Regardless of how well your dog is trained, it is always possible that they will continue to get into the trash. Sometimes a simple but yet meaningful “no,” with the proper vocal reinforcement is not enough. If it comes to that level, for your dogs safety, consider buying one of the common products above. These products themselves can sometimes serve as the training your dog needs, without any added stress on your end – which can definitely be readily sensed by your pet.

Never abuse or hit your pet as a method of training. Remember a dogs sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than a humans. They have two billion olfactory receptors, compared to the 40 million we have. If they smell something that’s appealing to them they will naturally seek it out.