3 Important Factors To Take Note Of In Pregnant Cats

If you own a cat, you will realize that once your pet gets pregnant, your responsibility doubles. Pregnant cats require much more care regarding their food, resting place, medication and other necessities. You should be aware of the type of food you will have to provide during this time, the total pregnancy duration as well as other responsibilities during your cat’s pregnancy so that you can make your pet feel more comfortable and effectively reduce her stress level.


Your kitty requires specific care in terms of food while it is pregnant. You should never feed it what you eat as too much fatty, salty and spicy food are never good for cat health. In addition, when your cat is pregnant, you should not suddenly change the brand of cat food especially if you have been feeding it a long time. However, 3-4 weeks prior to her expected delivery date, start feeding it with healthy kitten canned food along with kitten milk replacement and continue to do so for some time even after she has given birth. This will take care of both the mother and her kittens.

If the cat is a stray, you have to immediately start feeding it with a good branded kitten food as it may already be suffering from a lack of nourishment.


With the first signs of pregnancy in your cat, you should immediately consult a vet for proper medical advice. The vet will be able to guide you with regards to proper medication, if required, during this time according to the medical history and condition of your kitty. There is also the potential danger of eclampsia diseases during this time with pregnant cats. This ailment is caused by calcium deficiency and you should take care to keep your pet safe from this condition.

Other Essentials

Apart from food and medication, you will have to pay some attention to the type of resting place you are providing for your cat along as well as take note of her hygiene. As the cat pregnancy approaches its final stage, your cat will start searching for a proper place to deliver her kittens. Provide a safe place with pile of clean clothes, along with food and water sources ready for her. In addition, you should keep the litter box clean for your pet.

All these tips should help your furry friend deliver her kittens safely without causing any potential cat health problems.